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Date: : January 18, 2021
Actress : Nami Hoshino

SSNI-345 Slut Targeted By A Devil Group ● Decoy Investigator Nami Rescue Is Impossible! – Slut ● Addict VS Beauty Decoy Investigator Sting Operation Is Supposed To Be A Lot Of Criminals ● It Is Turned Around! – Nami Hoshino

Nami Hoshino
SSNI-345 Nami Hoshino

Hoshino was traumatized by the fact that the criminal caught in the sting operation in the past was falsely accused, but decided to become a decoy in order to overcome himself in the past. – A decoy investigator who disguises himself and rides on the same train every day, but is preyed on by metamorphosis guys and is circled by shreds. – Cover, photographer, filthy ● For prey of clever enclosing lewdness using aphrodisiac divided into teachers! – Deprived of freedom in a closed space (train), restraint, deep throating, ring ● … The devil’s work is done …

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