SSNI-012 A Week After My Husband’s Absence, My Wife Wakazo Aoi Tsukasa Kept Being Fucked By My Stepfather

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ID Code: SSNI-012

Category: Wife, Jav HD, JavxxxJapan・日本,Brunette, Pornstar・AV女優, Idol・偶像

Actress: Aoi Tsukasa

Studio Label: SSNI

Aoi Tsukasa and Bokky Sugihara :

How many of your favorite JAV models have this baldie fucked?. Easy: All of them.

In this occasion, he gets Aoi Tsukasa, no less. And Aoi displays a superb acting like she always does. Not only her acting believable plus she looks hot as hell, also like always!.

The main theme of this AV is cuckold and such. She gets caught by 1:52:30. And tries to apologize with her mouth full of semen. Sweet.

Aoi Tsukasa is definitely one of my favorite JAV actresses, period.

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