DASD-504 Black Man Homestay NTR His Underwear Can’t Contain His Massive Bulge – Jinguuji Nao

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Date: : June 9, 2021
Actress : Jinguji Nao

ID Code: DASD-504

Release Date: 2019-01-25

Category: Wife, Jav HD, JavxxxJapan・日本,Brunette, Pornstar・AV女優, Idol・偶像

Series: Black S*****t Homestay Cuckold Fucking

Actress: Jinguji Nao

Studio Label: 

I referred to this dude in the past as “Thomas” for a lack of better name. In this video, he calls himself Max, but in the past, he also called himself “Magnum” in an interview, so I will be calling him that too from now on.

It’s quite remarkable the amount of work this lucky man is getting and the quality of girls is growing exponentially. I mean, he recently fondled Hoshina Ai in JUFE-002, (another very good video) but now he does Jingguji Nao… I mean, much respect.

In DASD-504 he comes to stay in a homestay, where he meets Jinguuji Nao, who is a married lady, sexually frustrated with her husband. They collide on the shower by accident, where Nao peeps on that big black dick by accident.

They begin an affair and it all climaxes by the end, in which at minute 1:50:00 the husband discovers them both having sex. Our guy Magnum overpowers the husband and immobilizes him with ducktape, thus continues fucking the wife on the spot… Like a boss.

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